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when I was injured in a  car accident I ended up with neck problems. Some friends suggested Lorrie Scott as a massage therapist to help me heal and it was the best thing I could have done. Her knowledge and professional approach impressed me plus her technique worked well in helping me heal. I have recommended her to anyone needing Physical therapy massage treatment or simply relaxing massages."


Jozef Pomaybo

Australia, Colorado USA  2011


“For such a little woman, Lorrie Scott has some mighty hands and a great massage

Technique that leaves me totally relaxed, feeling great! She’s also great fun to be around. Thanks to my husband’s recommendation and generosity, my daughter and I have enjoyed more than a few of her fantastic sessions. She does a great job and we all give her mighty hands a big thumbs up”!


Debbie Ducic

Australia, Colorado US


"Wow. All I can say is Wow. I’m amazed at how dynamic your distance work has been and continues to be. Your presence, knowledge and awareness of the energetics of my Universe and body is a dynamic catalyst for total change. The energy and space you BE facilitates me, along with the beings and bodies with whom I interacting.

You are unique: kind, gentle, potent, willing to go to the far ends of the spectrum and galaxy. That willingness and acknowledgement creates much ease with the transformation I am continually stepping into.

You’re truly one of a few people who is willing to be with me in totality and who inspires me to be unique too.

Let me be a little more specific here though. Prior to our Skype session last night, where you facilitated me and a friend on some issues around mother, I was in tremendous arm, neck, shoulder, and head pain. The previous night I hardly slept because the right side of my neck was throbbing so intensely. The pain sharpened as night turned to day and by the time we gathered in the afternoon I could hardly see out of my right eye.

You immediately addressed the issue, working your energetic magic, and I could literally feel the pins and needles lifting out of my body and blasting into space.
I slept like a baby last night.

You are a gift and I am lucky to receive session work from you. "

Thank you Lorrie.


Donna S.  

Firestone, Colorado,  June 2014


"as far as I can remember, I imposed barriers between myself and others. Unfortunately, those barriers severely limited what I could receive and what I was willing to gift to others. They were major impediments to intimate relationships and close firendships. In a single session, Lorrie Scott created a space of total trust into which I could expand and meet her in total communion. Fortunately, dropping my barriers didn't kill me. 

Happily, it opened doors to more intimate and meaningful relationships with others.

What could Lorrie gift to you? "

Dr John Thoma, Cairns 2015




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