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Single Sessions:   $85.00 US

( session length depends on Client's needs up to an hour)

 Package of Three Sessions:  $180.00 

(session lengths depends on clients needs up to an hour)



I am expanding my business and my abilities to doing

 one-on-one sessions via the internet. This is not a 

physical bodywork, this is an energetic work. I am humbled and honored to facilitate you using my skills, intuition and the energy of "Question" to open your awareness to the Joy and the happiness of your own Beingness.  


  The session structure is all depended on the issue that is up for the client .    We will  tap into the energies and the session will determine which clearing tools will be called upon.


 The clearing processes will be taught as take away tools to 

  be used as life requires. 



  Disclaimer:  Lorrie Scott is not a medical doctor or a Licensed

  psychotherapist, psychologist or psychologist.

  I am an energetic intuitive.





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Colorado 81023


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+1 303-319-6362

Lorrie J Scott

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