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     Carousel  of  Consciousness 

Beyond all the chaotic contractions of the current craziness,

do you get the Sense of expansion available to us now? 


If you don't feel the sense of expansion, perhaps I can help you

have more awareness around it.

Would you like to play in this year with the Childlike curiosity and fun of your first Merry-Go-Round Ride ? 


Does playing with Others, who would continuously feed you free tickets to keep the ride in motion, especially when you start to swing sideways make you feel warm and fuzzy? 


Would sharing Cotton Candy (light,fluffy) Consciousness, with someone when it's gets a bit sticky be a value to you?


I am creating this Carousel of Consciousness Club (COCC) with the energy of exploring;

How much more can we ask for and receive? 

What is beyond all this ? 

It feels like the year of Expansion.

I choose to be IN on it.

Will you Join me in Playing HUGE !!


The target of the COCC is to be an organic  experience that will morph as we do. The expansion of our creations in the topics of  Health,

 relationships: to Our Selves, to money, to business, to romance

, etc. To supporting each other in continuous opening, expansion and clearing out the old stuff as we move through the year.


The membership will include 1 calls a month, recording of the call, private facebook page,

discounts on other calls or events including classes.

The private facebook page will be the forum to bring

up the issues and questions for the group. During the calls, the questions will be bought to the table, yet it will not be a bitch session, using presence, inner guidance and awareness of choice to shift the energy into expansion, not contraction.  

That is the joy of the energy.

It's all about Expansion, Folks ! 

Don't miss the Ride !


Ask yourself would joining Carousel of Consciousness create more in your life

What would your life be like after a year of the COCC?    

If you resonant to either of these questions,

please, please join me.



Carousel of Consciousness Club:


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