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Have you noticed that you have done everything, and some things in your life do not change ?

Doesn't that seem strange to you? 

What if there truly is more to it ?

What if there are unknowable, unseeable, undetectable energies that by design are meant to keep us struck ? 

Does that have a sense of truth to it for you ?

  I have been playing

 with questions and insights designed specifically to lift you out of this

 elaborate  maze of energies and frequencies which

keep us stuck in patterns or matrixes that no longer 

serve us, humanity or the earth.

These processes have opened the most unexpected experiences

for people. 

It's pretty far out and very effective.


Phone sessions are available, for each session

I tap into the person's field, one never know what

will come up, using the power of Choice,

a few playful clearing and commands,

new consciousness, space and possibilities are 

opened up.  It's really fun.


To book a session,

 please call 

 Lorrie J Scott  Cell +1 303-319-6362

 3- pack phone sessions : $180.00  

(Session length depends on client's needs up to an hour)

  Single sessions:  $85.00  

(session length depends on client's needs up to an hour)

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Lorrie J Scott

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